Robespierre Obituary

File:Maximilien-de-robespierre-1758-1794-french-politician-executed-during-E64FM6.jpgAn obituary about revolutionary French lawyer Maximilien de Robespierre.

Here lie the head and body, now separate, of Maximilien de Robespierre. This is a man who was once bold, kind and courageous. With no parents from his early teens onwards, he might have been destined to starvation, or to insanity and a life of crime, but instead he became a lawyer, and strove to the defence of those who could not afford to buy their way out of legal issues. After this, he became an even greater scourge of injustice. This he achieved by finding his way into the National Convention, where he supported the abolition of horrors such as the death penalty, and slavery. He was, for a time, a driving force behind the light of all that is good. But, alas, it could not last for he at first opposed the Terror, but then something about him changed and suddenly, the Terror was good! In his final years he began executing the French country folk, even his old friends! Now that the crisis is over, I am glad we have finally been able to silence him. He was once a soldier against wickedness and corruption, but he himself became evil and far too powerful for his own good. Eventually, he lost his head, so he had to lose his head. Perhaps now, in Heaven or Hell, his fiery passions may at last be damped.

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